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Children who grow up with a broken family

photos from the service Our children are valuable not only because they are born with certain talents, but also because they are born with a certain history. As such, they need to be looked after carefully, as they develop quite a lot at their own pace. And this is mainly what our children's generation "growed up with."Many people have a bad habit of leaving their children with someone they are close to. This is usually a parent or partner, which, in turn, can become an additional parent if the child is not handled extremely carefully.There are two main types of broken families. The "old family" and the "young family." They differ in the main components of the life of the parents: the "old" and the "young." These groups of people have a contract, which basically says that each member of it can do as he pleases, and in any way, without asking the parents in turn, without consulting the elders.The main old family secret: if you want to leave, do it together with a reason. If you're bored, leave without a reason, without even trying. If a child has co-parental problems, it is highly undesirable to have a sitter-an adult in the home.The reason for the "old" family: grandparents; aunts and uncles; a "bastard" (son or daughter) of the family; a "bastard" (son or daughter) of the "older" variety. These children, like their counterparts today, grew up in a conjugal home and, consequently, are prone to tantrums, anger, and tantrums. They also have different rules about discipline: some, for example, demand that children grow up quickly and memorize their "situations." Others, by their own admission, do not pay attention to even this. If a couple has two or more children, especially in these cases, it is extremely difficult to maintain a balance in the family. If this is not possible, the older one usually becomes the "author" because he is older and wiser. The "young" generation has changed. First of all, it is used to accuse the other parent of "manipulation" the younger one. And this, they claim, is not only in the family, but also in society. As a result, there are reports that up to 10% of young people in our society are victims of family discord.According to psychologists, we need two "parents" in society: parents who are interested in the child and are prepared to learn, evaluate, and approve of his work. There is no need for a "master" in the family.Independence. The younger generation does not feel secure in their own skin. They are easily offended and subjected to everything, including ridicule. They are distrustful, callous, and very easily