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How to use nail Polish?

Nail Polish has been present in our time practically unchanged. From simple scuffs of leather and glass, to the complex of patterns and colors, which is now in the ascendancy. With the exception of the fact that the first version of the Polish was made of leather, all the others have been created from plastic. And everywhere you turn, new trends appear. So, in order not to miss out on the new trend, you need to know at least the basic principles of its use. How to remove polish from nails? The first thing that needs to be done is to wet your nails with some kind of oil. Then put some kind of Gel or other on them. After that, the polish can be wet with any kind of liquid. Washing will not be enough. It is important to remember that the polish needs to be wet to function properly. And also remember that the optimal surface can not be wet, because it will not be able to adhere to the skin properly. Wet it better works in the following ways: at least partially submerges the nail on wet leaves, it is better just wipe it with a paper napkin. With some stretch, you can even do this with a brush. It is important not to forget about the previous point. It is necessary to wet the nail at least three times with any liquid, in order to achieve a perfect adhesion of the product. Depending on the type of polish, it may be necessary to wet it several times. In order for the polish to adhere properly to the nail, it is important to wet it at least three times with a thin film. And also remember that the thickness of the film should be approximately two fingers. So, if your nails are 10 times bigger than your hand, then you should take care of them at least three times a week. It is important not to forget about the "three-step" program. This means that you should firstly wet your nails, after which squeeze out the gel, apply it to the nail and clamp it. Then wash your hands. And also remember that the procedure should be carried out for at least 10 minutes. So, if your hand is dry, you can do this procedure in the early morning. It is important to mention that if you have very dry nails, after the first application of the Polish, you may need to contact your doctor. So, the three-step program will help you become a more effective Polish remover. . You will be the first to know about the release of new articles.